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FA-1 Gamer Arm Compression Wearable prevents arm pain

Arm Compression Wearable to Prevent Arm Pain

FDA 510(k) Cleared           Now for Sale in the U.S.

Breakthrough Wearable for Gamers

Prevents and heals pain from prolonged gaming!

Wearable Device massages your arm
as you play!

  – Increases blood flow, reduces pain
  – Prevents repetitive strain injury and tendonitis
  – Better than a compression sleeve, squeeze ball,
    or constriction band

Your arm has never felt so good!

How do we know?

Invented by a doctor who treats circulation and pain
in gamer shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers

Doesn't get better than this!

FDA 510(k) Cleared Device
Wear it while you play and prevent arm injuries

Your best game character is YOU!

Let us help you keep your aim, maintain reaction time, and prolong your gaming with breakthrough science and wearable technology
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You don't have to suffer anymore!!

Reduce / avoid wrist pain
pain in the wrist from overuse
Reduce / avoid shoulder pain
pain in the shoulder
Reduce / avoid elbow pain
pain in the elbow from overuse

Be Your Best with the Model FA-1 Gamer Arm Compression Device

Arm compression magic

Healthy gamer

Pain prevention in all parts of the arm

Arm massager while gaming

Prolonged gaming without arm injury

Gamer Health

Achieve Bonus Level

30-day Money-Back Guarantee!

Minimize injury
Increase blood circulation
Reduce and prevent pain
Maintain aim and reaction time

Gamer arm compression device
Wear while gaming
Maintain arm health
Takes 2 AA batteries (not included)